BCPC Summer Slam Tournament, June 29th or 30th

1) This tournament is for FUN, so you should absolutely play regardless of your skill level.  We have skill levels for EVERYONE. If you’ve never played in a tournament before, this if the PERFECT event for you. 
Skill Groups offered:
– 2.5 (Advanced Beginner-Low Intermediate) – Sunday 6/30
– 3.0 (Low Intermediate-Intermediate) – Sunday 6/30
– 3.5 (Intermediate-High Intermediate) – Sunday 6/30
– 4.0 (High Intermediate-Advanced) – Sunday 6/30
– 4.5+ (Advanced) – Saturday evening 6/29
2) The tournament will take place at our Outdoor Courts (JCC Tenafly) AND at our Indoor Courts (BCPC).  Your location will be provided well in advance of the tournament date.
3) All tournament draws will be Round Robin format.  This guarantees everyone several games regardless of their results.  After you finish playing the teams in your pool there will be a medal round to determine Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Medals and some prizes will be awarded.
4) We have Skill/Age Groups for Men, Women and Mixed Doubles.  For example if you are a 60 year old who wants to play in a 3.5 draw, you can sign up for “3.5 (Any Age)” OR “3.5 (50+)”.  We may combine groups by skill depending on the number of registrants.
5) Each draw is expected to run for about 2.5 to 3 hours.  Start times for each group are posted on the site, so if you register for a draw that starts at 8AM, you can expect to be done by around 11AM.
6) IF you want to play but do not have a partner, SIGN UP!  We will help pair you up with other singles who register at your skill level.  
We are always here to assist you, so if you have any questions or need further assistance, CALL US at 201-399-3888.
Spots for each draw are limited, so sign up NOW to guarantee your place in the tournament! Please spread the word!